Driving Instructions to Bio Bay /Laguna Grande Launch Site

Eco Adventures map in Puerto Rico

From Metro San Juan

  • Find the main expressway, Baldorioty de Castro (Interstate PR 3) heading East leaving San Juan towards the International Airport.
  • Passing the airport on your left continue on PR 3 for approximately 3.5 miles, where you will see highway signs offering two options: a) Proceed to PR 3 heading towards Carolina or b) take the exit for PR 66. Both options will take you to our launch site in Fajardo. The PR 66 route (toll: $1.50) is quicker with less traffic lights and eventually leads back to PR 3.
  • If you stayed on PR 3 continue east for approximately 18 miles. If you took PR 66, you will pass the Belz Shopping Outlet mall on your right as you approach the intersection, turning right at the traffic light, re-joining PR 3 and going east for approximately 13 miles.
  • Approaching Fajardo look for a large shopping mall (Plaza Fajardo) on your right (anchored by Walmart and Econo supermarket) and McDonald’s on your left. At the light go left onto Valero Ave (194) proceeding 1 mile to the intersection with El Conquistador Ave (with a small shopping mall on your left) and take a left at the light.
  • Proceed on this avenue for approximately 4 miles. After passing the first stop light on El Conquistador Ave. look for a green sign on your right that says “El Conquistador” as you will have to turn right at some point to stay on El Conquistador Avenue.
  • At the end of the avenue take a left onto Carretera Las Cabezas (987). You will see the entrance of the resort El Conquistador on your right; continue straight to Carretera Cabezas (987).  Another half mile up the road, the street will split in two, with “El Faro” Restaurant in the middle and a baseball field to your left.
  • Keep left and after the street curves to the right you will reach the “Malecon” area with a beach on your left. Continue for approximately 5 minutes to Las Croabas Passive Park (“Parque La Juventud”), look for a parking spot and the Eco Adventure crew…you made it!

From Palmas del Mar, Humacao 

  • Take highway #53 North in the direction of Fajardo. Passing the third toll, continue driving 4.5 miles, until you reach the traffic light and turn right onto street #194.
  • Proceed on this street for approximately 10 – 12 minutes. You will pass a few Marinas on your right, then you will pass the entrance of El Conquistador Resort to your right. At this point, the street becomes street #987.
  • Continuing straight, you will see “El Faro” Restaurant and a baseball field to your left, keep left and proceed until you see the beach to your left and then the “Malecon” area (with the beach parallel to you).
  • Continue on the same street, without making any turns, for about 5 minutes, until you reach Las Croabas Passive Park (Parque La Juventud), look for a parking spot and the Eco Adventure crew…you made it!
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987 Las Croabas Street Las Croabas
Fajardo 00738, Puerto Rico

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